The Center for Advanced Small Modular
and Microreactors (CASMR)/TAMU 

The Center for Advanced Small Modular and Microreactors (CASMR) is a Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) center. The CASMR supports work across the technology development spectrum. The spectrum ranges from basic  and applied research to reactor design, manufacturing and deployment. The center aims to hasten the development of new and transformative technologies, materials and simulation and modeling methods to deliver affordable, reliable, resilient, secure, flexible and sustainable energy. We strive for unparalleled safety and zero-carbon emission clean energy. The CASMR pursues and supports new approaches for multidisciplinary nuclear research and development, education and external partnerships. The center is committed to international collaboration in education, research and development and Texas A&M has a long history in education and state-of-the art R&D.


Contact: Yassin Hassan, University Distinguished Professor & L.F. Peterson ‘36 Chair |

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